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SAXE Global and PSP Angels become official banking representatives of the Republic of San Marino

San Marino, December 01, 2022, 17.05 GMT

SAXE Global teams up with PSP Angels Management become official exclusive representatives of the Banking and Legislative Institutions of the Republic of San Marino to open up access of the country's banking and licensing initiatives for crypto, e-money & payments, forex securities dealer and i-gaming companies.

San Marino is one of the world's oldest independent republics located on the Italian

peninsula. An advanced economy with a robust banking sector and a stable, forward thinking government is fertile ground for a bustling fintech ecosystem.

This initiative is fully backed by senior local decision-makers and is primarily aimed at developing San Marino as an international transactional banking hub, attracting innovative fintech companies and online businesses to the region.

Setting up in San Marino allows clients to take control of a brick-and-mortar banking relationship like no other. A trade union of San Marino with the EU grants all the functionality of a Tier-1 EU Bank and processor, whilst at the same time being outside of most of the EEA legislative burden, allowing for flexibility. At the same time clients get an unparalleled access to being able to set up a San Marino crypto-licensed company,

"We are excited to be able to present this opportunity exclusively as a part of our banking and licensure offering, and look forward to putting San Marino on the map as a leading banking and crypto hub on par with Switzerland and Luxembourg"

- Mark Walsh, Vice-President, SAXE Global.

You can learn more about this initiative by following this link:

Or writing to our dedicated team at:

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