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Your Questions

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We have compiled a list of some of the most frequently inquired about topics to answer some of the preliminary questions you may have for us, so that you can get to know us, and the way in which we work better. 


01. Where are you based?

Most of our team work remotely, however you can schedule an in-person meeting at our London location by reaching out to

02. Can I find you on LinkedIN?

Our company page is publicly available. We are working hard to add content to increase our presence on the platform.


As we are still consolidating our team, not all of our advisors have added themselves as our employees, If you would like to gain information about any one of our employees, please write to:

03. When were you established?

Our partnership was established in early 2021, we officially launched in January 2022, however our pool of clients is extensive and has been carried forward to SAXE by our co-founders and employees from their previous engagements. 

04. Which jurisdictions do you work with?

We work with over 40 jurisdictions across the world.

05. Which jurisdictions do you NOT work with?

We do not work with FATF blacklisted countries. 

06. How can I get in touch with your management?

Our CEO would love to hear what you have to say. We are all for transparency and clear communication, so you can drop him a message at


01. What are your payment terms?

We do not take any upfront fees (ex. in-person consulting engagements) and only charge by milestones according to a payment schedule agreed upon between us and our clients. 

02. Do you charge consulting fees and/or legal hours?

We do not charge any fees or legal hours, as we believe good decisions stem from solid advice, which we are happy to share.

03. Do you accept crypto payments?

We do accept digital asset payments on a case-by-case basis. 

04. Do you accept payments by PayPal or Debit/Credit Card?

Unfortunately we do not yet support PayPal or card payments, but are working hard to make sure we have a wide range of payment options available. 


01. Why open my corporate bank account through SAXE and not directly through a bank?


We have a deep-rooted connection with every bank who is our partner. Therefore we are able to onboard clients who otherwise would have struggled to be onboarded with those institutions, and  ensure  a wider range of functionality and superior customer service for every client of ours. 

03. What are the names of the banks that you work with?

There are over 50 banks that we work with across the world which include Lloyds, Safra Sarasin, Lombard Odier and more.

04. How long will it take for my bank account to be opened?

We have a range of solutions, which can take from 5 working days to 3 weeks. 

05. What happens if my account does not get opened or is rejected?

We analyse the case, and most likely return the full amount paid for the service to the client or provide them with an alternative solution of the same caliber. 




We believe in providing our customers with a comprehensive suite of solutions. Therefore we rarely provide a one-off service such as a simple company formation. We then go on to support our clients in opening the bank account for their company, setting up accounting and audit services, and other vital facilities. We include all these options and more in our integrated solutions offering. 

02. What is the difference between the services you, and other consultants provide?

Scope, Breadth, and Honesty.


We provide a curated, but broad range of services and engage our clients only after a holistic assessment of their project and where the real need for our services lies.


We never sell clients on "cookie cutter" solutions, but instead approach each case with diligence and care, being selective in who we advise, allowing us to focus only on the most challenging and exciting industry-changing projects

Finally- we believe that honesty is the greatest modern commodity- this is why we are as transparent as possible on our pricing and engagement terms, clearly showing every client what he/she is paying for. 

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