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Building agile legal structuring, licensing and infrastructure solutions

Delivering agile solutions for our clients is at the core part of our advisory offering, especially in the current time of extraordinary uncertainty.

We present a focused suite of services aimed at maximum value extraction for our clients' projects primarily aimed at:

  • Tax Optimisation
  • Structure Simplification 
  • Asset Protection 
  • Cost Reduction
  • Full Legal and Regulatory Adherence

We work only within the most up-to-date legal and jurisdictional guidance frameworks, making sure our solutions are at the cutting edge of current market possibilities. 
Flexible Corporate Account Opening in Leading Worldwide Banks
+ More than 20 hand-picked global physical and digital innovation- minded banks
+ Complex shareholder structures and "difficult" high risk industries welcome. 
+ European accounts for offshore entities available.
+ Cryptocurrency integration supported.
+ Fully Remote Account Opening
+ Fixed and %-based fee options
+ Private Banking Available
+ Complete discretion and privacy

Global Correspondent Account Solutions for Financial Institutions 
+ Correspondent and Safeguarding account opening for Offshore Banks, Electronic Money Institutions
+ Segregated Accounts for regulated brokers, crypto exchanges and related regulated businesses.
+ SEPA, BACS, connection facilitation. Virtual IBAN solutions.
Payments Ecosystem Integrated Solutions
+ Payment Processing, Merchant Accounts, Acquiring Solutions
+ Prepaid Card programs, Banking Software

Tax-optimised Entity Formation:
+ Bespoke jurisdictional guidance on entity domiciliation. 
+ Intelligence on the most up-to-date low to zero tax jurisdictions.
+ Fully remote incorporation with local legal support to match.

+ Registered office and local reprentation provided at cost. 
Identity Protection Services
+ Non-mass international nominee service provided.
+ Local and international nominee shareholders/directors on-board.
+ High-level identity protection for our most discerning customers. 
Funds, Foundations, Crypto, and more
+ Crypto related entity incorporation and     
+ Fund, Trust, Anstalt and SPV formations.

+ Offshore and on-shore holdings set-up.
Corporate Service Integration:
+ Local accounting, audit support for every incorporated entity.
+ Notarization and Apostille services provided
   without physical presence.
High Risk Business
Crypto, NFT and Digital Asset Businesses
+ Crypto banking from Dominica to Switzerland.
+ Up-to-date crypto licensing worldwide (see licensing).

+ Assistance in clearing high-ticket crypto to fiat and fiat to 
   crypto transactions through regulated counterparties.
Gaming and Gambling Businesses
+ Low-fee Banking for offshore and on-shore gaming licenses.
+ Card processing for online gambling operators.
+ Turnkey payment agent set-up in the EU and Offshore. 

+ Gaming and software licenses in leading jurisdictions. 
Forex and CFD Brokerage Companies
+ Banking for Vanuatu, SVG and other offshore Brokers.
+ Physical banking for CySec, Malta regulated brokers.
+ Turnkey payment agent set up in low-tax EU countries.

+ Offshore and on-shore turnkey license set-up. 
Other Regulated Business
+ CBD industry banking and entity set-up. 
+ High Risk Payments entities banking. 
+ Legal opinion assistance worldwide. 
+ Lithuania
+ Poland
+ Bulgaria
+ Estonia
+ Caymans (Fund)
+ United Arab Emirates (DMCC & WTC)
+ Curacao (market-leading rates)
+ Alderney
+ Kahwanake
+ Phillipines
+ Malta
+ Isle of Man
+ Gibraltar
+ Luxembourg Fund
+ Swiss Asset Management Licence
+ BVI Authorised Fund
+ Cayman Fund
+ Seychelles
+ Vanuatu
+ Martinique
+ Bahamas Broker-Dealer License
+ BVI Securities License
+ St Vincent Registration 
+ CySec Brokerage License
+ Malta FSA License
+ United Kingdom EMI / SPI / API
+ Lithuania EMI / PSP
+ Cyprus EMI /PSP
+ Canada Money Service Business
+ Singapore MPI/SPI
+ Hong Kong MSO

+ Puerto Rico IFE (International Bank) License
+ Dominica International Bank License
+ EU Case-Dependent Bank License
+ SWIFT Membership assistance
+ BIC Code issuance
+ SEPA Connectivity assistance
+ Setting up correspondent banking links.
+ Routing optimisation 
Payments & BaaS
+ Front-end and backend banking software
+ Open & embedded banking implementation
+ Bespoke payments software development
Crypto on-off ramps
+ Licensed on-off ramp partner connectivity
+ Crypto OTC desk connectivity
+ Crypto merchant account integration
Card Issuance and Processing:
+ Merchant payment gateway set-ups.
+ White label crypto-friendly card issuance
+ High Risk Card Processing
Asset Protection
Strategic Acquisitions
Shelf Company Acquisitions:
+ Aged Opco's in more than 10 jurisdictions incorporated in 2007-2021.
+ Sourcing European and Offshore companies from registrars at-cost.
Acquisition of Operational Companies with banking set-ups:
+ Companies with operational history for sale worldwide.
+ Certificates of good standing and legal "free of claims" letters available.

+ Bank accounts set up in both EMI's and Physical banks.
+ Full nominee ownership available. 
Asset protection
+ Entity offshoring
+ Fully legal OECD tax rules circumvention strategies.
+ OECD-BEPS compliant tax-optimised accountancy and audit.
+ Plausible economic reason and substance assistance.
+ Legal concealment assistance. 
+ Offshore Trust Incorporation. 
+ Foundation and Anstalt set-up.
+ Avoidance of forced heirship rules.
+ Asset-protection trusts set up.
+ Accounts-receivable financing assistance.
+ Real estate ownership optimisation. 
+ Offshore jurisdiction passports assistance.
+ Residency permit assistance.
+ Diplomatic passport services. 

Get to know us.

Choosing to engage the right corporate advisory firm balancing pricing, trust, and acumen can be a daunting task. 

But it doesn't have to be. 

Schedule a meeting with our team in seconds, and engage with brilliant, understanding and experienced advisors who will best guide you on which of our solutions would be of best fit to your project, whether it is structuring an offshore holding or picking the best bank for your company.

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